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Reality: Throughout the course of operations, business leaders set goals and objectives for their enterprise, and they rally teams to work hard and deliver on them. These goals and objectives are business needs; they are the things the business must have or achieve to run, to be profitable, to serve effectively, and to deliver successfully on its mission.
Make educated, data-driven decisions: By clearly defining what results constitute a win, we are able to support our clients to make objective, data-driven decisions both internally and for their clients. With our software you’ll be ready to define success, try a process, and make adjustments based on the facts.
Our system constantly pushes you to improve: Data driven decisions based on single version of truth will enable smooth budgeting, full task management decisions, interactive segmentations, target groups selections with clear KPI monitor. Customer portfolios and Geo targeting will bring you a new valuable insight to customer behavior. Campaign management system takes care of delivering offers via unique event or campaign driven multi-channel and multi-phase engine.

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You can buy software from people that faced probably same business challenges as you are facing right now. More than 10 years in business application development and 10 years of various business problem solving.


Quality of our solution has been daily checked by largest European banking members and retail companies.


Highly motivated employees covering front end development, data base optimization and various areas of business consulting in Customer Relationship Management area.


Success of our customers is priority to us. We are happy to see our customers grow. Additional drive is if we, or our software, could be attached to that growth.


New ideas, new concepts and willingness to jump into our customer’s shoes adapting our unique software solution brings more energy to our joint efforts and success is guaranteed.

Problem Solving

We are not afraid to answer the most difficult topics from Retailing, Insurance or Banking. If it is not standard, fine. Our problem solving capabilities are waiting for your challenges.

Our Main Skills

We Have Creativity And Knowledge To Develop And Deliver

We have professionals with management, business & development skills, with a substantial experience of living and breathing CRM 24/7 for more than 15 years. If you have any issues with CRM - there's a big chance we've seen it before.
We speak your "language".

Our mission is to provide customers with turn key solution, not just product. In today's competitive environment and increasing pressure on resources, customers appretiate all the support they can get - from project management, business expertize and best practices to quick and smooth transition of our solution throughout the organization and sales network.

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Our software incorporates the best of 10+ years CRM experience, brings high level of automation and gives you a complete control of your business activities: from decision making, to operations and monitoring the results.


Our team of implementation professionals can help you kickstart CRM in shortest available time. Even for the largest organizations our typical implementation lasts 6-9 months.


Our expertise and experience is based on 10+ years of living and breathing CRM 365/24/7. During or after implementation, we can provide CRM business consultancy to bring you up to speed as fastest as possible.

"70% of all project failures come from poor execution, not the poor strategy."

We support you from day one till the end of the project, and beyond.

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Tomislav Lazarić


Goran Gudac


Boris Medvid


Darko Krofak

Head of Development

Our History

Travel Through Time & Milestones With Us!

  • INSITE acquired by Halcom

    October 2022 - Halcom, a leading provider of innovative solutions for payment systems has acquired INSITE. Halcom is part of Constellation Software Inc.

  • Retail banking CRM goes live

    June 2022 - INSITE's CRM solution for retail goes live in Gorenjska banka d.d. - Kranj, Slovenia. Thanks Gorenjska!

  • ISO Certification

    February 2021 - INSITE has successfully implemented certificates for Business Process and Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013).

  • Corporate banking CRM goes live

    March 2021 - INSITE's CRM solution for corporate banking goes live in OTP Banka Hrvatska d.d. - Zadar. Thanks OTP!

  • Solution redesign

    January 2021 - Redesign of INSITE's CRM solution is completed. Solution is responsive and available on mobile devices and tablets.

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013

    March 2020 - "Introduction of Business Process and Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013) to INSITE Ltd." project code KK.

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  • OTP Srbija goes live

    December 2019 - INSITE's RTD and Advanced Analytics platform goes live. Thanks OTP!

  • FINA project goes live

    May 2019 - Info.BIZ platfrom for financial and business performance analysis goes live in FINA. Thanks FINA!

  • EOS Claims goes live

    February 2018 - INSITE's platform for claim handling, automated payments with fraud detection goes live in EOS Claims LLP - London. Thanks EOS Claims!

  • HPB project goes live

    October 2017 - INSITE's CRM solution for corporate banking is being implemented in Hrvatska Poštanska Banka d.d. Thanks HPB!

  • Retail banking CRM goes live

    January 2017 - INSITE's CRM solution for retail banking goes live in OTP Banka Hrvatska d.d. - Zadar. Thanks OTP!

  • Konzum BiH project goes live

    April 2017 - INSITE's CRM solution for retailing is being implemented in Konzum d.d. - Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks Konzum BiH!

  • Retail banking CRM goes live

    December 2016 - INSITE's CRM solution for retail banking went live in Raiffeisen BANK Austria d.d - Zagreb. Thanks RBA!

  • Event Protect goes live

    October 2016 - INSITE's online platform for insuring event tickets in real time - Event Protect Ltd. - United Kingdom

  • Retail banking CRM goes live

    September 2016 - INSITE's CRM solution for retail banking went live in Hrvatska Poštanska Banka d.d. Thanks HPB!

  • Retailing CRM goes live

    July 2016 - INSITE's CRM solution for retailing goes live in Mercator-S d.o.o. - Serbia. Thanks Mercator-S!

  • Predictive shopping algorithms

    December 2015 - INSITE's predictive algorithms for shopping cart in online store Konzum Klik - Zagreb. Thanks Konzum Klik!

  • INSITE CRM solution suite

    August 2015 - INSITE's CRM solution suite now consists of 9 different modules, covering various aspects of CRM. From analytical to operational CRM, being customer insight, campaign management, customer 360 or sales performance monitor - everything is under one solution, everything integrated.

  • Crossing the border ...

    In July 2015 our first customer abroad went into full production with INSITE CRM solution for retail banking. Thanks Sparkasse BiH!

  • Retail banking CRM goes live

    In December 2014 our first retail banking customer went into full production with INSITE CRM solution. It's been 9 challenging months, but in the end joint effort paid off with dividends. Thanks Sberbank Croatia!

  • Corporate banking CRM goes live

    In August 2014, Erstebank d.d. Croatia started to use INSITE's CRM solution for corporate customers which are now tracked against 200+ business indicators on daily basis. Thanks Erste Croatia!

  • Partnership with IN2

    In April 2014 - strategic decision to share CRM product development with largest regional IT company – IN2.

  • 1st personalized c@t in region

    In February 2014 Konzum (the biggest retailer in region) issued first personalized coupon at their cash register using INSITE solution. From that point on our system went into full production covering 1+M customers and issuing 3+M personalized coupons per month, cutting down "time to market" to hours.

  • INSITE - a dream became reality

    In February 2012 INSITE started working. Small team of three, with a vision and great ambitions.

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