Customer Data Platform for unifying all of your distribution channels and business platforms.

Why do you need WorkFlows?

Because it enables you to reach your customers in real time, everywhere.

Challenge: The need to capture customer actions across different touch points is becoming ever more challenging. Reacting on on it in timely, appropriate, coherent and cost effective fashion, even more so. Data lakes, real time streaming, artificial intelligence, decision making, automation, omnichannel marketing, ... there seems to be and endless list of technologies that need to be harnessed and efficiently integrated to keep up with modern business requirements. Which of these technologies to use, and how to integrate them in one easily managed solution is a key challenge businesses face today.

Solution: Insite Workflows is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that takes the best from all aforementioned technologies and integrates them into one unified solution. No need for multiple installations, integrations and maintenance of myriad different technologies. React on your customer actions immediately as they happen, manage your omnichannel campaigns and workflows, map customer journeys, use machine learning for predicting sales and future behaviours - all within single marketing automation tool.

Why Choose WorkFlows?

8 features that will help your business thrive


Automate your decision process

Use the visual workflow designer to create your workflows and campaigns. Drag and drop events and actions, implement decision rules easily by using the if-wizard form.


Next best Action and Automatic Model Builder

You don’t have enough resources for manual model building? We’ve got you covered. Use our Automatic Model Builder for sales and churn prediction or combine both model types for automatic Next Best Action calculation.


Real time event streaming and client targeting

Trigger your workfl ows by connecting events from any of the major big data streaming platforms (Kafka, Flink, Spark), use the real time targeting feature for on-the-fl y client selection or use classic pre-targeted groups for your marketing needs.


Flexible and extensible Rest API

The system grows with your needs - start with one integration and add others later when you need them.


Express response

Contact your customers right away after the customer’s action with real time queue processing. Create personalized messages using the inbuilt message designer. Monitor execution of each workfl ow step and detect usage spikes.


Inline Metrics

No need for separate reporting applications, application tools, or even screens? Monitor current status for each step of your workfl ow directly within your workfl ow. Go back in history anytime. See data lineage from origin to destination for any given client!


One click Artificial Intelligence

Whether you want to use Insite Machine Learning model wizzard or you are importing modelling data from your own tools (SAS, RapidMiner, Python, R), you can do it with one click.


Testing simulator

New ideas, new concepts and willingness to jump into our customer’s shoes adapting our unique software solution brings more energy to our joint efforts and success is guaranteed.





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No matter what kind of business you are in, you can take advantage of using Insite Workflows to further improve customer experience. Times of batch processing yesterday's data are long gone. Companies from different industries are shifting towards real time marketing.

Use Cases

Whereever you need to make decision based on immediate customers feedback

Personalized Marketing

Customer Experience


Risk Management / Fraud Detection

Credit Scoring

Event Monitoring

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